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Giving cancer the needle  -  ‎Nov 6, 2009‎
Jerusalem PostRelying on the beginnings of cryosurgery and minimal-invasive surgery he was involved with developing in the 1980s - in which a needle was perfused with ...

What's New In The Veterinary Profession » New surgical treatment for canine ...  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎ (subscription)..."Until now, the primary treatment options for canine glaucoma have been laser surgery, cryosurgery, evisceration or...

Health Robotics Reaches 100 Percent Asia-Pacific Coverage with BioRobotics in ...  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎
TMCnetStarted in 1995, BioRobotics was handling laser surgery Cryosurgery equipment segments till 2005 and entered into Oncology Robotics hub to become a leading ...

Prostate Health  -  ‎Oct 29, 2009‎
Men's News Daily...(A more recent method of prostate cancer treatment, referred to as cryosurgery or cryotherapy, is still being studied, and has not yet been embraced by most ...

Health Robotics Reaches 100% Asia-Pacific Coverage Through its New Exclusive ...  -  ‎Nov 12, 2009‎
PR Newswire (press release)The company originally started in the Aesthetic laser surgery and Cryosurgery medical sectors and further expanded into robotic surgery in 2005. ...

Cure Hemorrhoids - Best Medical Treatment For Hemorrhoids  -  ‎Oct 30, 2009‎
Best SyndicationCryosurgery uses a cryoprobe´s frozen tip to destroy hemorrhoid tissue masses. This procedure is rarely performed these days due to its unwanted side ...

In prostate CA, sexual function better with external beam radiotherapy vs ...  -  ‎Oct 30, 2009‎ (press release)..."Both treatments negatively affected the men's sexual function, with those treated with cryosurgery being more negatively affected. ...

Emergent Group Inc. Reports Record Second Quarter Revenue and Net ...  -  ‎Aug 5, 2009‎
GlobeNewsWire (press release)On May 27, for example, we announced the acquisition of New York Cryosurgery Equipment LLC, a physician partnership specializing in rentals of mobile

Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of the Fifth Metacarpal  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Ortho SuperSite16 There are 2 cases in which cryosurgery and sclerotherapy were used as an adjuvant intralesional treatment for aneurysmal bone cyst arising in the hand.

Empire Medical Training Aesthetic Workshops for Dentists ...  -  ‎Aug 2, 2009‎ (press release)Cryosurgery techniques include liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and hand-held cryo units, learn how to treat the most common skin disorders using these

Patients presented with too many choices about cancer treatment ...  -  ‎Jul 24, 2009‎
Mesothelioma News...various types of radiation, multiple types of chemotherapy, hormone therapy, ultrasound, cryosurgery, vaccines, transplants, clinical trials and more.

Women and the need for Pap Smear Test  -  ‎Aug 3, 2009‎
TriumphIt can be contained and treated through a process called cryosurgery.'' She says during the cryosurgery process, the warts cells are removed from the cervix

When hell freezes over, now that's a good story  -  ‎Aug 3, 2009‎
Globe and MailAmong the results of all these efforts is cryosurgery, the process for recycling old car tires, liquefied natural gas, the rocket fuel that put people on

Skin cancer is most common type in the US  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
Bonner County Daily BeeOther options include cryosurgery, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the area, topical chemotherapy cream, or a technique called curettage and

Ultrasound for prostate cancer  -  ‎Aug 1, 2009‎
Borders TodayHIFU is known as a minimally invasive therapy and, along with other alternatives such as radiofrequency ablation, cryosurgery and photodynamic therapy,

Planned Parenthoods and Supporters Ask Congress to Protect Women's ...  -  ‎Jul 14, 2009‎
ReadMedia (press release)...colposcopy and cryosurgery; contraceptive information and supplies; prenatal care; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections;

Adherence to a Topical Regimen of 5-Fluorouracil, 0.5%, Cream for ...  -  ‎Jul 20, 2009‎
Archives of DermatologySeveral different methods can be used to treat actinic keratoses (AKs), including cryosurgery, curettage and electrodessication, phototherapy with

DARENT VALLEY HOSPITAL: Thousands attend fun day to raise money to ...  -  ‎Jul 14, 2009‎
This is Local LondonAround £20000 was raised for Darent Valley's cancer fighting fund, which will go towards cryosurgery equipment for freezing tumours, expected to cost £90000

国际传热界�?��?综述系列刊�?�我国学者论文  -  ‎Jul 16, 2009‎
科学时报Z.-Q. Sun, Y.-X. Zhou, Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Simulating Nano-cryosurgery of Target Tissues Embedded with Large Blood Vessels,

James A. "Jim" Mattison  -  Dec 6, 2008
The Salinas Californian,He was also a member of Monterey County Medical Society, California Medical Association, American Medical Association, American College of Cryosurgery,

Moh’s Micrographic Surgery More Effective than Excision for ...  -  Dec 4, 2008
Cancer Consultants,Treatments for BCC include surgical excision, MMS, curettage, cryosurgery, laser treatment, surgical excision with predetermined margins of clinically

... Go to the Article  -  Nov 17, 2008
CancerWiseThe study will compare HIFU, which uses heat, to cryosurgery, which uses freezing, to determine if they are equally effective in killing prostate tumors.

Freezing the life out of cancer cells  -  Oct 30, 2008
KTVO,It's called cryosurgery, a procedure where six to eight probes are strategically inserted into the prostate gland, freezing cells to minus-40 degrees.

CryoPen gets $2M from emerging tech fund  -  Nov 3, 2008
Corpus Christi Caller Times,Because of its safety and ease of use, according to Perry's news release and the CryoPen Web site, the device makes cryosurgery, or the freezing of tissue,

Don't take hemorrhoids sitting down  -  Nov 8, 2008
Edmonton Sun,In addition, he also uses cryosurgery to freeze the pile. During this procedure, a rubber-band is placed around the neck of the hemorrhoid.

CryoPen Inc. Accepts $2 Million Award from Texas Emerging ...  -  Nov 3, 2008
MarketWatchCryoPen Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of cryosurgery technology and is now in the production stages of a gynecological attachment to be used in

Corpus Christi medical-technology developer awarded state funding  -  Oct 24, 2008,CryoPen Inc. develops cryosurgery technology for the removal of skin lesions. The company’s patented technology is designed to allow dermatologists,

CryoPen secures $2M in funding for pen-like device  -  Nov 4, 2008
SmartBrief,CryoPen said the device could make cryosurgery more available to primary-care physicians, including those in small towns. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

It's okay not to menstruate  -  Oct 30, 2008
Feministing,I stopped taking them when I was 27, after I discovering that I had cervical dysplasia (for which I reluctantly underwent cryosurgery).

South Texas RCIC Announces $2M Award from Texas Emerging ...  -  Oct 23, 2008
Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung),CryoPen is developing its cryosurgery technology for the removal of a variety of skin lesions. This patented technology will allow dermatologists,

Initial Experience In Renal Cryosurgery For Large Renal Lesions  -  Jun 14, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),ORLANDO, FL ( - Cryoablation of small renal masses (ie T1a < 4cm) works. Whether applied laparoscopically, or more recently, percutaneously,

Field Trips  -  Jul 8, 2008
Mackinac Center for Public Policy,...patients and health professionals, the exhibit delves into the science behind ultrasound, endoscopy, laser surgery, cryosurgery and the Gamma Knife.

Adoption of Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Slow  -  Jun 25, 2008
Earthtimes (press release),US urologists indicated that cryosurgery was underused, while European urologists felt that both cryosurgery and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

Examine the World Microtomes/Cryostats & Automated Stainers Market  -  Jul 7, 2008
Market Wire (press release)Analysis of High Momentum Spectrometer Dipole Cryostat II-3 Cryosurgery Units II-3 Types of Cryosurgical Units II-3 Cryosurgical Techniques II-4 Probe

Genital Warts – 7 Established Facts about Genital Warts  -  Jul 1, 2008
Best Syndication,If you consult your doctor, he or she may advise you to apply a topical medication or undergo electrocautery (burning), cryosurgery (freezing),

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen Invited Speaker at National Cancer Institute ...  -  Jun 30, 2008
Newswire Today (press release),Dr. Cohen is best known in the Urology community for his significant contributions in bringing cryosurgery to the operating room. Continuing in his effort

Treating tattoos  -  Jun 27, 2008
Sun.Star,Before the advent of laser surgery, tattoo removal consists of destructive modalities like dermabrasion, excision or cryosurgery.

Advances In Imaging For Urologic Oncology  -  Jun 26, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),Body landmarks are merged to CT images in patients with renal lesions prior to cryosurgery. He showed examples of this. 3-D Doppler TRUS imaging and

Retinal Vascular Disease  -  Jun 24, 2008
Journal of American Medical Association (subscription),...vascular disease, covers fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, laser treatments, photodynamic therapy, cryosurgery, and vitrectomy.

Diagnostic Center for Disease: Robotic Prostatectomy - A Race to ...  -  Jun 24, 2008
Earthtimes (press release),...conventional laparoscopic prostatectomy, radiation in all forms, radiation seed implantation, cryosurgery, thermometry, focused ultrasound ablation,

Study Identifies Stat3 as a Potential Target against Prostate ...  -  Jun 13, 2008
Medi News Direct,Treatment modalities, such as surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, cryosurgery, proton therapy, or a combination of one or more methods are

Grand Rapids designer, businessman Bob Israels: Globetrotting homebody  -  Jun 15, 2008
The Grand Rapids Press -,Cryosurgery -- the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen or argon gas -- shrunk the tumor, Israels says. But the cancer came back, and, by 2005,

HealthTronics reports increase in profit  -  May 13, 2008,Advanced Medical Partners provides urological cryosurgery services, and in a partnership with approximately 500 physicians, owns an interest in 30 entities.

Cryotherapy Treats Prostate and Kidney Cancers  -  Apr 27, 2008
The Ledger,Dr. Byron Hodge Jr. and Dr. Matt Loughlin, two local physicians doing cryosurgery, are enthusiastic about this treatment alternative.

HealthTronics Completes Acquisition of Advanced Medical Partners ...  -  Apr 22, 2008
Trading Markets (press release),Founded in 2003, AMPI is the leading provider of urological cryosurgery services in the US In partnership with a network of over 500 physicians,

How To Protect Your Pet From Cancer  -  May 9, 2008
Parade MagazineOptions include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, cryosurgery, hyperthermia, immunotherapy or a combination of treatments. Prevention, of course, is better

Recurrent Disease and Anastomotic Strictures Increased with Use of ...  -  May 19, 2008
Cancer Consultants,...prostate cancer are treated with radical prostatectomy, although many are treated with external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, or cryosurgery.

HealthTronics, Inc. Announces First Quarter Results Earnings Grows 18%  -  May 12, 2008
Business Wire (press release),...the Cryosurgery market, our IGRT radiation therapy initiative, our placement of additional RevoLix lasers, and our growth at the ClariPath laboratory.

Pinned and wriggling on the wall  -  May 5, 2008
Mail & Guardian Online,The terms these comrades use are straight out of a horror movie: cryosurgery, laser, infrared, bicap coagulation, stapled haemorrhoidectomy.

Background information on Cryosurgery [When available]

Cryosurgery (also called cryotherapy) is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen (or argon gas) to destroy abnormal tissue. Cryosurgery is used to treat external tumors, such as those on the skin. For external tumors, liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the cancer cells with a cotton swab or spraying device.

Cryosurgery is also used to treat tumors inside the body (internal tumors and tumors in the bone). For internal tumors, liquid nitrogen or argon gas is circulated through a hollow instrument called a cryoprobe, which is placed in contact with the tumor. The doctor uses ultrasound or MRI to guide the cryoprobe and monitor the freezing of the cells, thus limiting damage to nearby healthy tissue. (In ultrasound, sound waves are bounced off organs and other tissues to create a picture called a sonogram.) A ball of ice crystals forms around the probe, freezing nearby cells. Sometimes more than one probe is used to deliver the liquid nitrogen to various parts of the tumor. The probes may be put into the tumor during surgery or through the skin (percutaneously). After cryosurgery, the frozen tissue thaws and is either naturally absorbed by the body (for internal tumors), or it dissolves and forms a scab (for external tumors).More from the National Cancer Institute

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