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Teratoma's new songs to get crowds thrashing  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
Bowdoin OrientTomorrow night Teratoma, Bowdoin's only metal band, will perform new songs on campus for the first time this year. Newly-formed student band Mango Floss ...

ACT begins stem cell blindness trial  -  ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
FierceBiotech..."We have carried out pre-clinical studies using these cells in multiple animal models, and to-date have not seen any teratoma formation or untoward ...

Mixed hepatoblastoma and teratoma of the liver in a 3-year-old child: a unique ...  -  ‎Nov 12, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release)...management of a large liver tumor in a 3-year-old child that displayed the features of both, conventional hepatoblastoma and malignant teratoma. ...

4 kg tumour removed from 4-month-old girl  -  ‎Nov 11, 2009‎
Press Trust of IndiaAfter the operation, which is medically known as sacrococcygeal teratoma, the child was well, he said. Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a tumour that develops ...

An interesting diagnosis for a presacral mass: Case report  -  ‎Nov 9, 2009‎
7thSpace Interactive (press release)Differential diagnoses include congenital causes such as teratoma or chordoma, neurological causes such as neurilemoma or neurofibroma or other malignancies ...

Doctors remove rare tumour from newborn  -  ‎Nov 15, 2009‎
Times of IndiaWhile the baby weighed 1.6 kg, the sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT), a tumour arising from the lower end of the spine, weighed 1.4 kg. ...

Awaiting IND Targetting a Twenty-Eight Billion Dollar Market (OTC:ACTC.OB)  -  ‎Nov 2, 2009‎
Webnewswire.com...“We have carried out pre-clinical studies using these cells in multiple animal models, and to-date have not seen any teratoma formation or untoward ...

Symptoms of kidney, bladder infections are different  -  07 Aug 2009
SunJournal.comTry using their other name - benign cystic teratoma. Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his

اسباب تأخر الحمل لدى النساء  -  07 Aug 2009
العرب اليوموكذلك الأكياس الجلدانية Dermoid cysts أو المسخية Teratoma والتي يجب إزالتها جراحياً قبل أن تتحول إلى خبيثة. ومنها ما لا يحتاج إلى تدخل جراحي عاجل وي�?كت�?ى

Kitamura takes aim at Teratoma  -  ‎Jul 15, 2009‎
Malaysia StarMidnight Meat Train helmer Ryuhei Kitamura is set to stay in the horror genre with his next project, Teratoma. According to ShockTillYouDrop.com,

DollBites: New Writer Joins 'World War Z'  -  ‎Jul 17, 2009‎
Rabid Doll...[NY Post] Kitamura takes on 'Teratoma': "The Midnight Meat Train" director Ryuhei Kitamura is returning to the American horror fold with "Teratoma.

Kitamura Also Attached to Magdalena  -  ‎Jul 21, 2009‎
ShockTillYouDrop.comIn addition to directing Teratoma (more on that here), Ryuhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train) is putting Magdalena on his plate. According to Screen Daily,

Neo Art & Logic ("Pulse", "Feast", the upcoming "Condition Dead 3D ...  -  ‎Jul 18, 2009‎
MovieholeAnother woman was sporting a 220 pound whopper of a teratoma". "I always knew this had to be a Cronenberg type movie", continues Soisson.

Kitamura body horror  -  ‎Jul 21, 2009‎
JoBlo.comWe heard the other day (via STYD) that Kitamura would delve into icky Cronenberg territory for some "body horror" with something called TERATOMA.

Prenatal Detection of an Extra-Adrenal Neuroblastoma With Hepatic ...  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (subscription) (subscription)Prenatal diagnosis of retroperitoneal teratoma: a case report and review of the literature. Fetal Diagn Ther 2009; 25:76–78.[Medline] Nuchtern JG.

Beyond the Abstract - Ductal adenocarcinoma of the prostate ...  -  ‎Jul 26, 2009‎
UroTodayLike a malignant “teratoma,�? such tumors are invulnerable to the effects of various therapies and need to be extirpated by surgery. Shi-Ming Tu, MD,

'Bringing Rita Home' online auction starts July 15  -  ‎Jul 13, 2009‎
Examiner.comRita was born with a sacrococcygeal teratoma, a large benign tumor at the base of her spine. When Rita was eight months old she had surgery to remove the

Basic Versus Detailed Sonography  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (subscription) (subscription)...arthrogryposis (4), limb reduction defects (4), tetralogy of Fallot (2), ambiguous genitalia (2), facial teratoma (2), and multiple anomalies (1).

Nature Biotechnology:�?�?�体细胞培育出的iPS细胞安全性存差异  -  ‎Jul 12, 2009‎
生物谷...(生物谷Bioon.com) We evaluated the teratoma-forming propensity of secondary neurospheres (SNS) generated from 36 mouse induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell

Reżyser "Nocnego pociągu z mięsem" kręci kolejny horror  -  ‎Jul 17, 2009‎
stopklatka.pl..."Teratoma". Scenariusz do filmu, który śmiało można określić mianem body horroru (produkcje gatunku wyróżniają się skrupulatnością w ukazywaniu degradacji i

Testosterone-Secreting Mature Ovarian Teratoma Causing Severe ...  -  Dec 23, 2008
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (subscription)We report a rare case of an adolescent girl with severe virilism and behavioral changes associated with a testosterone-secreting mature ovarian teratoma.

Foot Grows in Baby's Brain  -  Dec 18, 2008
ABC NewsGrabb said he could not tell whether the miniature limbs were from a benign stem cell tumor called a teratoma or the remnants of an identical twin that did

Dermoid Cysts - Learn The Facts About This Most Bizarre Of Cysts  -  Dec 3, 2008
American Chronicle,They're considered a benign kind of teratoma. Teratoma is Greek and means "monster tumor". Because of this bizarre aspect, lots of myths about this cyst

Column: Rhodes helps others on and off the court  -  Dec 16, 2008
The Evening Sun,She had surgery to remove a teratoma tumor that was connected to her sternum and her lung and heart. Once in there, doctors found that she had pneumonia in

75 Babies Prenatally Diagnosed with Birth Defects Spend First ...  -  Dec 23, 2008
PR Newswire (press release),...at the much anticipated sonogram, he saw and knew immediately that the large tumor growing from the baby's backside was a sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT).

Flies, Eggs and Sperm  -  Dec 3, 2008
W&M; The Dog Street Journal,And in humans, certain cancers of the germ cells linked to errors in SGP signaling of PGCs exist, such as the extreme and bizarre teratoma in which

Daily Briefs in Brief: No time for blogging  -  Dec 19, 2008
Pitch Weekly,...hallhallhallhallhallhallhall:Brobdingnagian Mayor Mark Funkhouser, the tallest man on earth, and his embarrassing spousal teratoma, Kansas City "First

Imperiumi.net,Ichor / Idle Teratoma Core / Perfunctory Fleshless Precipitate / Plexus Necrosis / Unwitting Donor/Cadaver Exchange / Mortsafe Rupture / Deadhouse.

Pure insulin-producing cells effectively treat diabetic mice  -  Dec 3, 2008
Newspost Online,None of the diabetic mice involved in the transplant experiments developed teratoma, which are a type of tumour often associated with ESCs and which could

Breakfast benefits family  -  Dec 10, 2008
Summerland Review,...young daughter Isabel has faced many medical challenges since she was born prematurely with a large sacrococxygeal teratoma (tumour) on her tailbone.

Un pie creciendo dentro del cerebro  -  Dec 18, 2008
soitu.es,Pero en rarísimas ocasiones ocurre algo aún más horroroso: un tumor llamado teratoma crece organizadamente, obedeciendo programas genéticos que dan lugar no

머리 �? '다리 들어 있는' 아�?� 출�? 화제  -  Dec 19, 2008
Medical Today,...�?한 �?�료진�?� �?� 같�?� 조�?�?� 기형종(teratoma)�?��?�는 �?�종�?� 암 조�?�?� 수�?� 있다�?�고 소견�?� 제시했다. 아�?��?� 10월 수술후 현재 집�?서 있으나 암등 재발 �?후

Médicos retiram pé de cérebro de bebê nos EUA  -  Dec 19, 2008
Estadão,Thompson afirmou que outra possibilidade é de que o bebê americano tivesse um tumor do tipo chamado teratoma, que pode incluir tecidos como músculo e

Dziecko ze stopą w mózgu  -  Dec 19, 2008
Wirtualna Polska,Początkowo lekarze przypuszczali, że to potworniak (teratoma) - rodzaj nowotworu złożony z nietypowych dla otaczającej go tkanki komórek w rodzaju zębów czy

Noga rosła w mózgu noworodka  -  Dec 18, 2008
Dziennik,Lekarze widzą dwa możliwe wyjaśnienia - albo to rak typu teratoma, zwany potworniakiem lub wspomniany już przypadek niewykształconego płodu - płód w płodzie

Baby geboren met 'voet in hersens'  -  Dec 20, 2008
FOK!,Hij wijst erop dat wat er gevonden was in het hoofdje van Sam ook een bepaald type tumor, een teratoma, kon zijn. Dit type tumor bevat lichaamseigen weefsel

Brain Drain  -  Nov 7, 2008
New York Times,White blood cells (left) in the patient's spinal fluid suggested an infection; an X-ray of a teratoma with a tooth (right). By LISA SANDERS, MD If you have

Let The Barry Disappointment Begin  -  Nov 9, 2008
Stop the ACLU,Let’s see: ESC’s have not cured anything without creating teratoma’s, otherwise known as “monster tumors.�? Adult stem cells, and to some degre placental

Pathologist as the chief umpire of medical practice?  -  Oct 29, 2008
The Punch,Benign cystic teratoma of the ovary accounted for 90.1 per cent of the benign neoplasia. The great majority of neoplasia are composed of cells

Andrew Sudano  -  Oct 24, 2008
Bowdoin Orient,AS: Well, I am already in a band called Teratoma and we play melodic death/thrash metal. But if I could be in another band, we would be called Targaryen

Student bands tune up Bowdoin music scene  -  Nov 14, 2008
Bowdoin Orient,An equally unique Bowdoin band is the metal group Teratoma headed up by lead singer Andrew Sudano '10. Made up partially of Bowdoin students and Brunswick

Mom Genes, Dad Genes  -  Nov 12, 2008
Science Now,One is a tumor called an ovarian teratoma, which develops when an egg is not fertilized but duplicates its chromosomes, leading to all-maternal DNA.

Evaluation of Scrotal Masses  -  Nov 13, 2008
AAFP News NowExperience with testis sparing surgery for testicular teratoma. J Urol. 2004;171(1):161-163. 11. Horwich A, Shipley J, Huddart R. Testicular germ-cell

Singapore Sizzling  -  Nov 4, 2008
Business Mirror,Over at the majestic-looking City Hall, Leeroy New’s Teratoma II: Digmaan ng mga Mundo literally lords it over as his work consisting of “amorphous blob�?

Baby Abigail finally comes home to stay  -  Oct 24, 2008
The Union Leader,Called malignant sacrococcygeal teratoma, the tumor was removed by doctors. It was more than a third of Abigail's birth weight. The day after Abigail was

A case of male anorexia with Klinefelter's syndrome, 22 years ...  -  Oct 31, 2008
British Journal of Psychiatry,A cerebellar tumour was diagnosed, identified as an `atypical teratoma' during a subsequent neurosurgery. Because of local infiltration and incomplete

Estudiar con células madre adultas sin renunciar a las embrionarias  -  Nov 6, 2008
elmundo.es,..."Cuando las células madre embrionarias se trasplantan en la piel producen un tipo de tumor denominado teratoma", explica María José Sánchez.

One Man's Cancer Journey  -  12 Jul 2008
RedOrbit,But because of what I had - my tumor was actually composed of two types of cancers: embryonal carcinoma and teratoma - this wouldn't be the case.

Prognostic Importance Of Teratoma At Time Of PC-RPLND For Patients ...  -  Jun 15, 2008
Medical News Today (press release),Svatek and colleagues identified 98 such patients that were found to have teratoma (+/- fibrosis) following PC-RPLND. 20% of patients developed disease

More Like This  -  Jun 16, 2008
Austin 360 (subscription),He started working with Howard Harrison on what would become Teratoma, started playing with the guys that would become the Ugly Americans, and went on the

Finding Ethically Acceptable Solutions for Therapeutic Human Stem ...  -  Jul 4, 2008
RedOrbit,Some authors contend that the ANTity is not a genuine human being at all, because its developmental trajectory resembles that of an ovarian teratoma or a

Gloucester Citizen,Luke was diagnosed with a type of cancer known as a teratoma back in March 2007. After falling off his bike he complained of pains in his chest.

Vision, new lease of life for Cuttack girl  -  May 9, 2008
Calcutta Telegraph,Rukmini, who suffers from “spasticity�?, is a happy child returning home after a month undergoing surgeries for teratoma — one of the rarest eye diseases in

Bruce Hughes, Corb Lund  -  May 12, 2008
Austin 360 (subscription),He started working with Howard Harrison on what would become Teratoma, started playing with the guys that would become the Ugly Americans, and went on the

Breakthrough large step to saving failing hearts  -  Apr 24, 2008
Globe and Mail,Teratoma tumours are growths that contain various tissue types, such as hair, teeth and bone. While Dr. Keller stopped short of saying their cultures are

Robert Rauschenberg Dies at 82  -  May 16, 2008
ARTINFO,Debroise helped found the curatorial think tank Grupo Teratoma as well as CURARE, an alternative art critics association and magazine.

Olivier Debroise  -  May 12, 2008
E-Flux,...the Camara Nacional de Industrias Artísticas (National Chamber of Art Industries, CANAIA) (2001-2004), Teratoma (2000-2008), and more recently,

Katie Walker - an inspiration to everyone who knew her  -  Mar 6, 2008
Bridlington Today,Shortly after turning 19, when she thought things couldn't get any worse, Katie received some bad news that the teratoma cancer had returned for the third

Foetus removed from baby’s abdomen in Orissa  -  Mar 13, 2008
Thaindian.com,...“It was a case of retroperitoneal teratoma which occurs in children and young adults,�? Hota told IANS. The foetus weighed about 800 grams.

Safer Stem Cells?  -  Feb 27, 2008
Forbes,If they're the real deal, they'll form a kind of tumor called a teratoma, a mixed-up collection of different kinds of tissues. Some of the studies might not

Background information on Teratoma [When available]

A teratoma is a type of tumor that derives from pluripotent germ cells. The word comes from a Greek term meaning roughly "monster tumor". Teratomas (more correctly teratomata) usually start from cells in the testes in men, the ovaries in women and in the sacrum in children. Teratomata involve cells from all three embryonic cell layers: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. They can be benign or malignant.

Teratomata often contain well-differentiated cells which can result in tissues growing in a teratoma which are quite different to the surrounding tissue�ovarian teratomas have been known to grow hair and teeth. Such a benign cystic teratoma is often termed a dermoid cyst, nowadays more correctly termed a mature teratoma. Some teratomata may contain a mixture of well-differentiated, mature tissues as: respiratory epithelium, hair follicle, fat tissue or mature nervous tissue. Immature teratomata of the ovary have a malignant potential in line with the amount of neuroblastic tissue present.

Testicular teratomata are generally less well-differentiated, and have a worse prognosis (chances of recovery are not as high).

Some teratomata secrete the "pregnancy hormone" human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which can be used in clinical practice to follow-up successful treatment or relapse in patients with a known HCG-secreting teratoma. It is not recommended as a diagnostic marker.

Some teratomata secrete thyroxine, in some cases to such a degree that it can lead to clinical hyperthyroidism in the patient.

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