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News: Toxemia

Salud...os y tres Alfonso Aguilar  -  23 Nov 2009
Excélsior...aparte de que le exacerba los habituales daños que provoca, mayormente se complica con aborto, toxemia (eclampsia), polihidramnios (aumento de liquido ...

Mary Ellen Egan  -  ‎Nov 18, 2009‎
ForbesThe risk of breast cancer is one of many potentially mortal risks, from dying in a car crash to toxemia from exposure to Barney and Friends. ...

Health Matters : What is Preeclampsia and Eclampsia ?  -  ‎Nov 16, 2009‎ (Pressemitteilung)Toxemia, also called preeclampsia, is a complication of pregnancy. It occurs late in pregnancy. In this disorder, hypertension, or elevated blood pressure, ...

Arizona Republican Urges Democrats To Reverse Key Provision In Healthcare Bills  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
Talk Radio News ServiceCorcoran took to the podium and explained that she was diagnosed with Toxemia during her 36th week of pregnancy. Her doctor had requested that she be ...

Study weighs evidence on home births  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
Canada.comHome birth is not a good idea for women who are diabetic, have chronic high blood pressure or toxemia - a condition involving hypertension caused by ...

Justin William Miller  -  ‎Nov 4, 2009‎
Bucyrus Telegraph ForumDue to toxemia in his mother he suffered respiratory problems on and off most of his life. Justin was a 1997 graduate of Bucyrus High School and on February ...

Heart of a hero: Student, told he'd never walk, runs through "T"  -  ‎Nov 6, 2009‎
WBIR-TV..."His mother had toxemia and was real sick," recalls Bobby. "We rushed Nick and Monica to the hospital and Nick was born." Doctors didn't give the Trails a ...

Treating acid wounds of animals  -  ‎Nov 18, 2009‎
The Island (subscription)They stagger about in anguish till they die with toxemia, burns, and septicemia. This is what you should do if you come across an animal that has been ...

Tackle epilepsy  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
Express BuzzThe main causes of petit mal are strained nervous condition, intestinal toxemia and digestive disturbances. Grand mal is caused by serious shock or injury ...

Compugen Announces Preeclampsia Biomarker Collaboration  -  ‎Nov 5, 2009‎
ReutersAbout Preeclampsia& Eclampsia Preeclampsia, also referred to as toxemia, is the most common of the dangerous pregnancy complications, occurring in 5-8% of ...

Riesgoso embarazo adolescente: SSO (17:07 h)  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
ADNl suresteEn este sentido puntualizó que las complicaciones más frecuentes para las madres menores de edad son: la “toxemia?, la cual consiste en el aumento de ...

Maternidade provincial beneficia de obras de reabilitação  -  ‎Nov 20, 2009‎
AngolaPressObstetrícia, ginecologia, pré-partos, partos, neonatologia, bloco operatório, laboratório, toxemia (hipertensão na gravidez) e cuidados intensivos são as ...

“Quindío ha disminuido mortalidad materna?: INS  -  ‎Nov 17, 2009‎
La Cronica del QuindioRespecto a las afectaciones que ha tenido la población femenina se reportó la violencia y la toxemia, hemorragias que en muchas ocasiones las mujeres las ...

Alerta SSD sobre cuidados en casos de diabetes gestacional  -  ‎Oct 27, 2009‎
Yancuic Agencia de Noticias y Publicidad...obesidad materna importante de 90 kilogramos o más y algunos datos con menor importancia como multiparidad, toxemia del embarazo recurrente y partos ...

Estrés provoca partos prematuros  -  ‎Nov 9, 2009‎
El Sol de TijuanaEsta se conoce también como toxemia del embarazo o hipertensión inducida embarazo y asociada a elevados niveles de proteína en la orina. ...

Denuncian muertes de jóvenes parturienta en hospital de Elías Piña  -  ‎Nov 13, 2009‎
BarrigaverdeEn el otro caso, la paciente embarazada fue atendida por presión alta, conocida como toxemia del embarazo, y luego de restablecerle la presión normal fue ...

Embarazos de alto riesgo  -  15 Aug 2009
AIM DigitalLa preeclampsia (también conocida como toxemia) afecta a aproximadamente al cinco por ciento de las mujeres embarazadas, la mayoría de ellas madres

Briefing en Route to Nigeria  -  ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
US Department of StateThey couldn't carry her all that way, and she would have died anyway, because of her toxemia. So they -- you know, the people around her got the baby out

Water births may reduce labor pains  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Examiner.comAccording to the Hartford Hospital website, women who have been diagnosed herpes or another similar infection, experience excessive bleeding, toxemia or

Thank you South Central Regional Medical Center  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Laurel Leader CallMy daughter Ashley, had delivered her baby by c section after complications from toxemia. She had delivered at another facility and had been discharged two

Pregnant Women at Higher Risk for Severe Swine Flu  -  ‎Jul 29, 2009‎ (press release)This is complicated by metabolic problems during pregnancy, such as higher blood sugar, higher blood pressure, or toxemia – all problems driven by improper

Juneau Calendar  -  ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Capital City WeeklyThis one day class covers: good nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, food cravings, preventing of toxemia, prevention of preterm labor, prevention of

Health tip of the day: Benefits of Apricots  -  ‎Aug 8, 2009‎
tayyar.org1- Apricot has high mineral content, that makes it beneficial in cases of anemia, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, and toxemia.

Health Care Reform Should Include Preventive Medicine  -  ‎Aug 7, 2009‎
HarvardBusiness.orgObese and overweight women experience higher rates of infertility, miscarriage, toxemia and diabetes in pregnancy, and they're also more likely to have a

The demon of maternal mortality...  -  ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
The StatesmanAnaemia, haemorrhage, abortion and toxemia also account for the high maternal mortality rate in rural areas. “The rate of maternal mortality could be

Conscience Or Career?  -  ‎Jul 27, 2009‎
Post ChronicleAlso referred to as toxemia, preeclampsia is a condition that pregnant women can get. It is marked by high blood pressure accompanied with a high level of

Stop epidemics with silver  -  ‎Jul 25, 2009‎
Republica...shingles, skin cancer, staph infections, strep infections, syphilis, toxemia, trench foot, all forms of viruses, including warts and stomach ulcers.

En aumento, embarazos en adolescentes  -  ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
Tribuna Campeche...quien dijo que las complicaciones médicas hacen que los adolescentes tengan un riesgo mucho más alto de que en ellas se presente toxemia (preeclampsia),

Conozca un poco más de preeclampsia  -  ‎Aug 2, 2009‎ preeclampsia es una complicación médica del embarazo, llamada también toxemia gravídica, que puede afectar del 5% al 8% de las mujeres embarazadas.

Muertes maternas: cuando la salud deja de ser un derecho  -  ‎Jul 30, 2009‎
RebeliónLucy Del Carpio, explicó que las principales causas de muerta materna perinatal son la hemorragia (41%), seguido por la toxemia (19%), infección (6%),

Bradley Cooper még mindig csak barátkozik Anistonnal  -  ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Velvet2009-08-04 11:35 hinta-palinta: A toxemia, mai nevén preeclampsia a terhesség 20. poronty Ráncfelvarrt Ongo Nemcsak külsejében, hanem sok új funkcióval is

Kicking off their battle to put an end to cancer  -  06 Feb 2009
Goldsboro News Argus,Her pregnancy was plagued with conditions including toxemia, chronic fatigue and acid reflux. Then, years later she abruptly lost 30 pounds because she

Woman, 60, gives birth to twins - and ethics debate  -  06 Feb 2009
Globe and Mail,," said Dr. Greene, who cited high blood pressure, toxemia and gestational diabetes as ailments that occur more often among older pregnant mothers.

3 from South Florida pass Idol Jax test  -  Jan 28, 2009,The closest to a tear-jerker was a singer named Jasmine, who said her mother had toxemia while carrying her and neither was expected to live.

Dr. Murray Feingold: Fit to be pregnant  -  Feb 2, 2009
MetroWest Daily News,Some of the contraindications to exercising are a history of premature labor, presence of vaginal bleeding, premature rupture of the membranes and toxemia.

Pesticides kill two more children in Jeddah  -  Feb 4, 2009
Saudi Gazette,In the latest case, hospital authorities said the two children died of toxemia “blood poisoning? as result of inhaling aluminum phosphate gas emitted from a

ULL: Charges serious  -  Jan 28, 2009
2TheAdvocate,The group alleges maternal trauma and neglect, septicemia, gastric bloat and toxemia. The university is taking the allegations seriously, said Bob Stewart,

C-section: The bitter option?  -  Jan 30, 2009
Standard,The mother may have medical problems, such as diabetes, genital herpes, hypertension, cardiac disease, toxemia (presence of toxins in the blood),

Raising sheep: preparing for lambing  -  Jan 20, 2009
Examiner.comIf a ewe does not come to eat at all and she is not in labor research ketosis or toxemia. Naturally it better to the ewe to do it all on her own,

En Alto Paraná, subieron a 95% los partos en los hospitales  -  Jan 14, 2009
Neike,Esto significa que menos mujeres corren riesgo de fallecer como consecuencia de abortos, hemorragias, toxemia (aumento de presión arterial), sepsis,

Morte de modelo: veja perguntas e respostas  -  Jan 24, 2009,A sepse era chamada anteriormente de septicemia, toxemia ou infecção disseminada, termos abandonados esses termos por não definirem de forma correta o

Hay G. en insumos para salud sexual  -  Jan 24, 2009
ABC Color,Son cuatro las principales causas de la mortalidad materno-infantil: aborto, hemorragia, toxemia y sepsis. Todas más que prevenibles.

Aerolínea entrega sillas de ruedas en el IMSS  -  Jan 24, 2009
Milenio, anoxia (déficit de oxígeno), la toxemia y la diabetes materna. En el período perinatal, las lesiones suelen ocurrir en el momento del parto.

Terra Argentina,La cesárea debió adelantarse porque Pecarrere comenzó a manifestar síntomas de preeclampsia o toxemia gravídica, tales como edemas y alta presión arterial,

Jornada informativa sobre prevención y embarazo precoz en adolescentes  -  Jan 17, 2009
Nueva Prensa de Guayana,...además del riesgo mucho más alto de complicaciones médicas serias tales como la toxemia, hipertensión, anemia, parto prematuro y placenta previa.

ZONA TUMORE E ZONA CANCRO  -  Jan 31, 2009,La scienza igienistica ha da tempo descritto per filo e per segno il tumore difensivo, in sei passi precisi, chiamati enervazione (indebolimento), toxemia

Saúde melhora no Kwanza-Norte  -  Jan 24, 2009
Jornal de Angola,...bloco operatório, laboratório, toxemia (hipertensão na gravidez), assim como uma sala de cuidados intensivos para as grávidas com complicações.

Mother’s Care Influences ADHD Diagnosis  -  29 Dec 2008,...prematurity, long labor and toxemia as maternal factors that significantly differentiated children with ADHD from controls,? Goldstein said.

Second woman in two weeks dies after delivering twins  -  Dec 25, 2008
Ha'aretz,Irina Yohonovich, 36, gave birth last Tuesday at Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, after undergoing a Caesarean because of severe toxemia.

Pregnancy Danger Signs in Pregnancy  -  Dec 24, 2008
PWO,Severe headache, swollen eyes or face or blurred vision can be an indicator of toxemia. This occurs when toxic substances are present in the blood stream.

Gary Bogue: Could this be a duck with dreams of glory?  -  Dec 11, 2008
Contra Costa Times,She cannot be with any bucks, as she is too old to breed and she had toxemia when she was pregnant. Help, she needs to find a new home.

Family miracles  -  Dec 25, 2008
Jackson Sun,Melanie entered the hospital March 10 to induce labor because of the baby's size and mild toxemia. Her 3-year-old son, Zane, stayed home with her

Exercising while pregnant: How much is too much?  -  Dec 22, 2008
Chillicothe Gazette,...maintain pregnancy, control vomiting, delivery of healthier infants, postpartum depression and normalizing the body's functions of women with toxemia.

From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 5½: Music We Can Believe In  -  Dec 27, 2008
Brussels Journal,...(2) Some point out to Sweden and Norway as countries that suffer from the most pernicious form of yin toxemia, yet don’t have – particularly for Sweden

BEYOND THE BASICS: Preeclampsia and Eclampsia  -  Dec 11, 2008
EMS Magazine,Preeclampsia was formerly known as toxemia of pregnancy due to the theory that a poison or toxin produced the condition. It is also frequently referred to

'House' Lori Petty gets bullied  -  Dec 9, 2008
Zap2it.comToxemia of pregnancy, which means the happy and sweet little girl should have been told about condoms. The show looks to end on a double bummer,

Birth of an institution  -  Dec 13, 2008
Dunn County News,Local doctors and specialists from other cities diagnosed the problem as “Toxemia or acetone poisoning.? He spent the summer recuperating at his brother

Special delivery : Midwives offer women more choices than they ...  -  Dec 3, 2008
Benton County Daily Record,Ferguson also emphasizes nutrition and exercise as a way to prevent complications such as chronic high blood pressure and toxemia, placental abruption and

La preeclampsia requiere una rápida hospitalización: estudio  -  Dec 10, 2008
Buena SaludAntes conocida como toxemia del embarazo, la preeclampsia se caracteriza por un aumento súbito de la presión (hipertensión), inflamación y proteína en orina

Promueven atención preventiva para Embarazos Saludables  -  Dec 19, 2008
La Noticia a secas,Es una complicación del embarazo también llamada toxemia, puede desembocar en una eclampsia , por lo que debe diagnosticarse y tratarse rápidamente,

Crece mortandad entre mujeres embarazadas  -  Dec 4, 2008
El Sol de Cuautla,Detalló Vite Torres que la preeclampsia es una complicación médica del embarazo también llamada toxemia del embarazo o hipertensión; el signo más notorio de

Livestock owners warned of diseases  -  Sep 25, 2008
The Post,...and buffalos) Hemorrhagic Septicemia and foot and mouth diseases and in small animals (sheep and goat) Enterio Toxemia diseases are expected to spread.

Kosair hospital launches drive to raise $208 million  -  Sep 25, 2008
Louisville Courier-Journal,By Deborah Yetter • • September 25, 2008 Acutely ill with toxemia and just 27 weeks pregnant, Bridgette Blair was rushed by

Flu Shot Does Not Reduce Risk of Death  -  Sep 23, 2008
American Chronicle,Babies born prematurely or whose mothers were overweight going into pregnancy, had gestational diabetes, or toxemia, are at particularly high risk for

The Case Of The “Disappeared? Subprime Minority Borrower  -  Sep 22, 2008,Mortgage lenders started dying off from collateral toxemia. The sausage makers—the major financial powerhouses of the United States and Europe —started

Preeclampsia sau toxemia gravidica  -  Sep 11, 2008
Kidz,Preeclampsia sau toxemia gravidica este un sindrom ce constituie o complicatie a sarcinii, manifestat prin hipertensiune arteriala, pierdere de proteine

El aborto es un problema de salud pública y de derechos humanos  -  Sep 28, 2008
ABC Color,Las principales causas de mortalidad materna son el aborto (27,2%), toxemia (19,9%), hemorragia (19,1%), sepsis (11%) y otras complicaciones del embarazo,

Novos serviços reduzem mortalidade na maternidade de Ndalatando  -  Sep 23, 2008
Jornal de Angola,Obstetrícia, ginecologia, pré-partos, partos, pós-partos, bloco operatório, laboratório, toxemia (hipertensão na gravidez) e cuidados intensivos são as

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