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News: Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag 'not addicted' to plastic surgery   -  19 Jan 2010
Heidi Montag, who had 10 cosmetic procedures in 10 hours last November, is now saying she's "not addicted" to plastic surgery. On Good Morning America today ... USA Today

Conan to sign $40 mil deal; Montag's plastic surgery   -  19 Jan 2010
...[AP] -- Heidi Montag, 23, now says she isn't addicted to plastic surgery, People reports. She just wants to be as beautiful as she can be - inside and out. ... The Virginian-Pilot

Plastic surgery unmasked at Golden Globes   -  19 Jan 2010
For example: They and many other celebrities are featured in the slide show, “Plastic surgery at the Golden Globes,�? which also includes comments about ... The Orange County Register (blog)

Artificial Muscle Brings Back Blink   -  19 Jan 2010
A study in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery reports the development of an artificial muscle system that could restore the ability to blink to stroke ... Scientific American

Plastic Surgery Practice in California Seeing More International Patients   -  19 Jan 2010
At Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles, plastic surgeons Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. David Stoker have seen a rise in the number of patients ... Fast Pitch Press (press release)

Heidi Montag shouts there is no plastic surgery addiction   -  19 Jan 2010
While this might make you happy, you are basically showing young tweens and teens that "hey not happy with your body? got get plastic surgery done! ... Mom's Word (blog)

Plastic Surgery Scam: Grand Theft Breast Reduction   -  19 Jan 2010
Plastic surgery is a hot commodity; high on many “want�? lists. And when something is desirable, someone usually finds a way to steal it. ... The Plastic Surgery Channel

Kim Kardashian Denies Having Plastic Surgery...Again   -  19 Jan 2010
Kim Kardashian looks like a real life Barbie Doll, but the reality star insists she hasn't had any work done. “There was this thing on the cover of a ... Hollyscoop

Synthetic, Dissolving Plates Ease Repairs of Nasal Septum Defects   -  19 Jan 2010
...according to a report in the January/February issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Conventional septoplasty ... Science Daily (press release)

Chantelle Swears off Plastic Surgery   -  19 Jan 2010
Make Me Heal had previously reported on Chantelle’s over obvious plastic surgery, which she said was inspired by her admiration for Katie Price (See Make ... Make Me Heal

Michael Jackson Propofol Expert, Barry Friedberg MD, Spoke at Pan Pacific ...   -  19 Jan 2010
...that has set a higher standard of care for patient safety in outpatient surgery,�? says Dr. F. Don Parsa, Chief of University of Hawaii plastic surgery. ... PR Web (press release)

Current Trends in Facial Resurfacing: A Survey of American Academy of Facial ...   -  19 Jan 2010
Fifty-two percent of the respondents had practices comprised of facial plastic surgery only. Most respondents prescribed antivirals (88%), retinoids (54%), ... Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jay Calvert Performs Nasal Reconstruction on a Woman with Damaged Nose   -  19 Jan 2010
Aside from being an expert in rhinoplasty and other nasal reconstruction cases, Dr. Calvert also performs other types of plastic surgery and specializes in ... (press release)

Synthetic muscles restore ability to blink, save eyesight   -  19 Jan 2010 synchronized with the opposite eye, said a UCDMC release. These findings appear in the January-February issue of the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. The Hindu

Postal worker needs plastic surgery after dog attack   -  19 Jan 2010
The postwoman's injuries were so severe that she had to be transferred from her local hospital to receive specialist plastic surgery. "Luckily my hand looks ... Abeceder

Community news in brief   -  19 Jan 2010
Newbrough, who recently opened his office Restore Plastic Surgery Center in Edmond, will speak about the plastic surgery field and some of his medical ... Edmond Sun

Dissolving Implant Aids Nasal Surgery   -  19 Jan 2010
...after two weeks in almost all patients," Boenisch and Nolst Trenité wrote in the January issue of the Archives of Facial and Plastic Surgery. ... MedPage Today

Sideshow: Cameron! Bigelow! It's on! | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/19/2010   -  19 Jan 2010
Angelina Jolie, and plastic surgery ("On a serious note, just looking at all the faces here, it reminds me of all the great work that's been done this ... Philadelphia Inquirer

Nimodipine Found Beneficial in Facial Nerve Crush Injury Animal study shows ...   -  19 Jan 2010
...significantly improves functional recovery of whisking, according to a study in the January/February issue of the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. ... ModernMedicine

Health Highlights: Jan. 19, 2010   -  19 Jan 2010
The research appears in the January-February issue of the journal Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. Without the lubricating and cleansing effects of ... Palm Beach Post

Did Hayden Panettierre Get Breast Implants?   -  19 Jan 2010
Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Hayden Panetierre on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia. Make Me Heal

Audrina: Heidi's Plastic Surgery 'A Little Much'   -  ‎Jan 14, 2010‎
..."I haven't seen how she looks, so it's hard for me to comment on it, but these are her decisions, and as long as Heidi is happy, ... People Magazine

Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
She denied the news of having plastic surgery on her face but if we search about her age, Google will show a page of good plastic surgery. ... Puggal Latest News and events

Octomom shows off wonders of plastic surgery in bikini pics   -  ‎Jan 18, 2010‎
How did she go from the infamous pre-baby picture to that? Her body looks fantastic- her face is still weirdly warped from too much obvious plastic surgery. The Inquisitr

When Should I Have Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery?   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
I can see already that I will need plastic surgery; I have a rather large panni and lots of loose skin hanging now. I am 50 so I know it won't bounce back. ... The Plastic Surgery Channel

Plastic Surgery At Home is a Dangerous Trend   -  ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
Plastic surgery is not a diy proposition, no matter how simple a procedure may seem. Expert plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel weighs in on the dangerous ... The Plastic Surgery Channel

Angry Plastic-Surgery Patients Vent Online; Doctors on Damage Control   -  ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
Cosmetic surgeons are quite familiar with difficult patients and malpractice cases; a few years back, a man who had undergone a face-lift was so unhappy ... New York Magazine

Plastic Surgery After Extreme Weight Loss   -  ‎Jan 12, 2010‎
Dr. Samuel Lin, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, answers some common questions about the need for plastic surgery ... Boston

Annette Edwards: Jessica Rabbit Plastic Surgery Obsession (Video)   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
After $16000 in plastic surgery has Annette Edwards' Jessica Rabbit passion paid off? Check out the video here and judge for yourself! ... Right Fashions (blog)

'Avatar''s Sigourney Weaver hosts 'SNL,' says no to Botox, plastic surgery   -  ‎Jan 16, 2010‎
..."I would never have plastic surgery or Botox injections," she tells Showbiz Spy. "How can you as an actress? They both leave you with such a tight, ... (blog)

How Many Stars—for Real—Get Plastic Surgery?   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
I'm wondering: Just how addicted is Hollywood to plastic surgery, anyway? How many stars are getting it that we don't know about? ... E! Online (blog)

The Latest Cosmetic Surgery Has to Offer   -  ‎Jan 9, 2010‎
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 12 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the United States last year, ... CBS News

Rob Lowe denies plastic surgery rumours   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
According to WENN, the Brothers & Sisters star insisted that he has aged naturally and owes his good looks to "blind luck and genetics". ... Digital Spy

Heidi Montag's plastic surgery detailed; George Clooney to host Haiti telethon   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
Can't say that the plastic surgery has made things better, much less 'perfect'. What a distorted perspective. Yea George Clooney, kudos to him for showing ... Washington Post (blog)

It's Complicated Stars Hash It Out About Plastic Surgery   -  ‎Jan 7, 2010‎
It's Complicated, a new romantic comedy, includes plastic surgery in its storyline. What do the movie's three middle-aged stars think about the phenomenon? ... The Plastic Surgery Channel

Reserve your seat for plastic surgery seminar   -  ‎Jan 15, 2010‎
A board-certified plastic surgeon will host a free seminar called “What's new in plastic surgery�? on Tuesday. During the event, Dr. Mark Vincent Sofonio ... The Desert Sun

Plastic Surgery Magazine Hits Newsstands   -  ‎Jan 4, 2010‎
Plastic surgery is the focus of a new magazine, appropriately titled New You, debuting on newsstands this month. The magazine will avoid celebrity angles, ... The Plastic Surgery Channel

Tila Tequila's Fiancee & Plastic Surgery Fan Casey Johnson Dies   -  ‎Jan 5, 2010‎
We recently reported on Casey Johnson's plastic surgery past (See Make Me Heal’s story on Casey Johnson’s plastic surgery) as well as her fiancee Tila ... Make Me Heal

Plastic Surgery: Sculpting the body sculpting the mind   -  ‎Jan 16, 2010‎
After the death of the model, Solange Magnano, former Miss Argentina, from the complications of plastic surgery "intended to improve the shape of her ... Psychology Today (blog)

Avatar Star Sigourney Weaver Says No to Plastic Surgery   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
Now she’s in her 60s, still making money for Cameron, but claiming it’s without plastic surgery. investigates if this is true. ... Make Me Heal

Plastic Surgery Poll Reveals Cosmetic Desires   -  ‎Jan 7, 2010‎
Plastic surgery is at the top of the wish list for men and women of all ages, according to a new national survey. What procedures do people want most? ... The Plastic Surgery Channel

Plastic Surgery Performed by Dr. Jay Calvert, MD, FACS for Children with Big ...   -  ‎Jan 16, 2010‎
Los Angeles-Based plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Calvert, MD, FACS performs plastic surgery on under-privileged young patients with surgical needs using ... (press release)

Plastic/cosmetic surgery unaffected by recession   -  ‎Jan 14, 2010‎
The center has a team of board-certified plastic surgery consultants, including a specialist for treating varicose veins. Valerio says plastic surgeons are ...

Plastic Surgery Performed by Dr. Jay Calvert, MD, FACS for Children with Big ...   -  ‎Jan 17, 2010‎
Los Angeles-Based plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Calvert, MD, FACS performs plastic surgery on under-privileged young patients with surgical needs using ... USPRwire (press release)

Plastic surgeons find customers are seeking lower-cost treatments   -  ‎Jan 8, 2010‎
According to both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of cosmetic surgical ... Los Angeles Times

Alec Baldwin And Steve Martin Muse On Plastic Surgery: The MTV News Quote Of ...   -  ‎Dec 23, 2009‎
...-Alec Baldwin -Two of the stars of "It's Complicated" discussing the delicate art of plastic surgery. The pair (along with co-star Meryl Streep) sat down ...

Did Woods Have Plastic Surgery After Fight with Wife?   -  ‎Dec 30, 2009‎
New rumors claim that Tiger Woods underwent plastic surgery to repair damage to his face after his furious wife Elin Nordegren struck him with a golf club. ... The Chosun Ilbo

Cosmetic Surgery - Is the Cost Stopping You?   -  ‎Jan 13, 2010‎
Given all these costs, some people understandably look for plastic surgery deals. Don't be one of them. The Internet is filled with stories of people who ... EmpowHer (blog)

Does Marilyn Manson Cover up Plastic Surgery with Make-up?   -  ‎Jan 6, 2010‎
Plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston says, “I do not think Mr. Manson has had any plastic surgery.�? Dr Nassif says, “Marilyn Manson may have had fillers ... Make Me Heal

Would You Use a Plastic Surgery iPhone App?   -  ‎Jan 10, 2010‎
Given the busy party season, you may have missed the launch of iSurgeon, the latest iPhone App that gives you more than a little insight to the world of ... BellaSugar Australia (blog)

Death of Kanye West's Mother Highlights Risks of Plastic Surgery   -  Nov 13, 2007
By Marrecca Fiore. AP. In an era of lunchtime liposuctions, Botox parties and one-hour facelifts, cosmetic procedures are often viewed as complication-free ... FOXNews

… West's Death A “Consequence�? of Plastic Surgery, Exact Cause...   -  Jan 11, 2008 the looks of her, plastic surgery or death were the only two options, anyway! GOD made each of us a certain and very unique way. ... Rolling Stone

K-Fed Going For Full Custody of Children; Reality Show Plastic...   -  Aug 14, 2007

Who Gets Plastic Surgery and Why   -  Aug 30, 2005
By Daniel J. DeNoon. Who gets cosmetic plastic surgery? Forget the stereotype of the over-50 socialite who needs psychiatry more than a zillionth face lift. ... FOXNews

Surgeons question whether the NHS should fix botched plastic surgery ...   -  Dec 3, 2008
Surgeons are questioning whether the NHS should be "underwriting" botched plastic surgery on patients who have had cheap cosmetic operations abroad. ...

Plastic surgery industry faces tightening-up   -  Jan 28, 2005
The cosmetic surgery industry is braced for tougher standards and regulations from the Chief Medical Officer today. Sir Liam Donaldson is to unveil the ...

Plastic surgery is never risk free, doctors say   -  Nov 17, 2007
By Will Dunham. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - While cosmetic surgery to get a cuter nose, flatter tummy or bigger breasts may seem like no big deal to some people, ... Reuters India

Kids' Book on Plastic Surgery   -  Apr 15, 2008
When she was pregnant with her son Junior, who turns nine this month, Gabriela Acosta ballooned from 115 pounds to 196. Acosta lost the weight but wound up ... $2.95 - Newsweek - NewsBank

Inside America's Obsession With Plastic Surgery   -  Oct 25, 2006
This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," October 24, 2006, that has been edited for clarity. JOHN GIBSON, HOST: "Extreme Makeover," ... FOXNews

Plastic surgery makes 60 the new 40 - Aging-   -  Nov 27, 2006
Nov. 27: "Today" west coast contributor Maria Menounos takes a look at the growing plastic surgery industry. Then, "Today" show host Meredith Vieira talks ...

Plastic surgery rises by 65pc in a year   -  Jan 24, 2005
Plastic surgery operations in Britain rose by a dramatic 65 per cent last year. The huge increase confirms the new attitude to cosmetic surgery: that it is ...

Considering plastic surgery? Check credentials   -  Nov 19, 2007
By Rita Rubin, USA TODAY. Sometimes, says physician Stephen Miller, people spend more time and effort shopping around for a car mechanic than they do for a ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Skin Deep - Plastic Surgery Is Down, Reflecting the Economic Downturn...   -  Jun 19, 2008
Over the last few years, makeover television shows and direct-to-consumer advertising of products such as breast implants have created an increased ... New York Times

Nigerian President's wife dies after plastic surgery operation in...   -  Oct 25, 2005
By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor. Nigeria was in mourning yesterday following the sudden death of Stella Obasanjo, the country's first lady, after cosmetic ... Independent

Surgeons to carry out plastic surgery on obese children   -  Dec 13, 2006 Jenny Hope Medical Correspondent. Surgeons are getting the go-ahead to perform weight loss operations on children - followed by plastic surgery - in a ... Daily Mail

Bond actor admits plastic surgery   -  Oct 9, 2008
Daniel Craig has revealed he needed plastic surgery after an accident on the set of the new James Bond film. The actor severed his fingertip and had eight ... BBC News

Plug pulled on live plastic surgery show   -  Aug 24, 2007
BEIJING, Aug. 24 -- China's broadcasting watchdog has ordered a television station in Guangdong Province to stop showing a reality TV show that included ... 央视国际

Lawmakers look to tax some plastic surgery, Botox use   -  Jan 27, 2005
Lawmakers trying to plump up the bottom line are considering a "vanity tax" on cosmetic surgery and Botox injections in Washington, Illinois and other ... USA TODAY - USA Today

New plastic surgery magazine cuts to the chase   -  Jan 20, 2006
Jan. 20, 2006 | This is a fun one to leave in the guest bathroom: A new magazine called Skin Deep that is all about you and plastic surgery. ... Salon

British doctors condemn plastic surgery lottery   -  Jan 9, 2007
LONDON (Reuters) - British surgeons have condemned a plastic surgery lottery that offers winners money for face lifts, breast enlargements and tummy tucks. ... Reuters

Plastic surgery patients want Angelina Jolie's lips   -  Jan 25, 2008
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Eyes like Katie Holmes, the sultry pout of Angelina Jolie and a body like Jessica Biel make the perfect woman -- at least in the ... Reuters India

Plastic surgery prizes condemned   -  Sep 5, 2005
Companies offering plastic surgery as competition prizes are violating ethics of good medical practice, say doctors. The British Association of Aesthetic ... BBC News

Tara Reid opens up about plastic surgery   -  Oct 26, 2006
LOS ANGELES - Tara Reid is trying to reclaim her career with the Internet Halloween horror film “Incubus.�? But why is she reclaiming at only 30 years old? ...

Doctors condemn plastic surgery lottery   -  Jan 10, 2007
By Patricia Reaney. LONDON, Jan 9 (Reuters Life!) - British surgeons have condemned a plastic surgery lottery that offers winners money for face lifts, ... Reuters

Pairing up for plastic surgery   -  May 24, 2006
By Vicky Markovitz, USA TODAY. Lauren-Beth Kassinger says that if she bought a pair of shoes that looked good on her, her mom would "go out and get the same ... USA TODAY - USA Today

40% of teens want plastic surgery   -  Jan 5, 2005
Four in ten teenage girls have considered plastic surgery, a survey by Bliss magazine says. Two thirds of the 2000 girls quizzed, average age 14, ... BBC News

California lawmakers push for stricter plastic surgery …   -  May 27, 2008
LOS ANGELES, May 26 (Xinhua) -- California lawmakers are pushing for greater protections for patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, six months after the ... 新�?�网

Study: No Real Link Between Low Self-Esteem and Plastic Surgery   -  Oct 22, 2007
This may surprise many people, but a person's overall level of body satisfaction has little influence on whether they elect to have plastic surgery, ... FOXNews

Tourists heading to Colombia for plastic surgery   -  Mar 14, 2006
By Sergio De Leon, AP. BOGOTA, Colombia — It's normal to return from vacation with a deep tan, but what about coming home with bigger breasts, ... USA TODAY - USA Today

Plastic surgery flourishes despite credit crunch   -  Jun 16, 2008
By Ceri Radford. Five years ago, when I was training in financial journalism, I was told that the things people could be relied upon to keep buying in an ...

Why people want plastic surgery.(Cosmetic Procedures)   -  Oct 1, 2005
Potential patients for plastic surgery come from every economic level and age range, suggests a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ... Free with registration - USA TODAY -

The Dark Side of Plastic Surgery   -  Nov 22, 2007
Plastic surgery is at the center of a raging controversy in Hollywood after the tragic death of Kanye West's mom, Donda. Now, “Extra�? exposes the other side ... Extra TV

Cosmetic Surgery May Improve Sex Life, Study Shows   -  Mar 14, 2006
Stofman is chief of plastic surgery at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh and a clinical assistant professor of plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. ... FOXNews

'Tax' on Botox, plastic surgery a new wrinkle   -  Jan 29, 2005
By REBECCA COOK. AP. State lawmakers here in Washington and in Illinois and other states who are trying to plump up the bottom line are considering a ... Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Seattle Post Intelligencer

The first face of plastic surgery   -  Aug 28, 2008
By Richard Smith 28/08/2008. These dramatic images show how pioneering plastic surgery amazingly transformed a horrifically wounded sailor in the First ...

Plastic Surgery's Allure Cuts Both Ways   -  Nov 18, 2007
As plastic surgery has become more accessible, even to those of modest means, it has become both a way of combating cultural prejudices, ... Washington Post

Most Popular Places For Plastic Surgery   -  Apr 1, 2008
Say you know two women with identical figures and facial features. One lives in New York, the other in Texas. Image-conscious, both are planning on having ... Forbes

After Cosmetic Surgery, The 'Do Over'   -  Aug 4, 2005
As the number of people electing to have plastic surgery continues to rise ... ''When you go into plastic surgery, you sign away that things can go wrong,'' ... New York Times

Pensioners turn to plastic surgery   -  Mar 3, 2007
By Jane Elliott. They are two of the most marked trends in modern Britain - an ageing population and a booming industry in cosmetic surgery. ... BBC News

Doctors condemn plastic surgery holiday vouchers   -  May 16, 2006
By Nicole Martin. A medical company that offers patients holiday vouchers in return for booking cosmetic treatments was condemned by leading surgeons ...

Americans pull back from expensive plastic surgery   -  Jun 23, 2008
By Natasha Singer. Attention, plastic surgery shoppers: Dr. Anthony C. Griffin of Beverly Hills has an opening on his schedule. ... New York Times

Plastic surgery 'saved my life'   -  Mar 16, 2005
Plastic surgeons say the public and media obsession with cosmetic surgery is trivialising the real work they do. One woman speaks about what plastic surgery ... BBC News

US: bigger breasts most popular plastic surgery   -  Mar 23, 2007
BEIJING, March 23 (Xinhuanet) -- Breast enlargements were out front as more people than ever got cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States, according to ... 新�?�网

Plastic Surgery A Good Career Move? - Morning Joe-   -  Feb 20, 2006
The newest trend out there is plastic surgery to help people climb the corporate ladder. When you think of plastic surgery, you think of really pretty movie ...

Model to Undergo Plastic Surgery to Make Eyes Look Japanese   -  Jan 27, 2008
AP. A Brazilian model is having nylon wires implanted in her eyes to give them an oriental slant. Angela Bismarchi will lead her samba group in a contest at ... FOXNews

Mexican Border Plastic-Surgery Clinics Booming   -  Feb 7, 2005
SAN ANTONIO — Thousands of people yearning for a better body are visiting Mexican plastic surgery clinics that offer makeovers at a third of the cost in the ... FOXNews

Most Popular Plastic Surgery for Men   -  Nov 1, 2006
Bruce Hildebrand, 60, was working for the US Department of Defense in 2001 when his wife noticed a crease between his eyes that made him look "angry." ... Forbes

Medical Group Urges Women to Avoid Genital Plastic Surgery   -  Aug 31, 2007
A leading group of obstetricians and gynecologists Friday urged women to stay away cosmetic genital surgery, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune. ... FOXNews

Book explains mummy's plastic surgery   -  Apr 18, 2008
By Jill Serjeant in Florida. MUMMY'S getting a tummy tuck and a new nose - but how does she tell her kids? A Florida plastic surgeon has written the first ...

Ethical concerns raised on transplant Standard facial surgery not...   -  Dec 2, 2005
And jean-pierre secretary general of the French society of plastic surgery, noted that Lantieri had planned to do a face transplant himself and had been ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Google News Archive

Tools of the Plastic Surgery Trade   -  Oct 11, 2006
By Kristen Philipkoski. I made a quick stop at Plastic Surgery 2006, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' 75th annual meeting being held in San ... Wired News

Americans head to Mexico for plastic surgery   -  Aug 2, 2007
Low costs and proximity to the US make Guadalajara the 'in' place to get a 'tummy tuck.' By Sara Miller Llana / August 2, 2007 ... Christian Science Monitor

..."It illustrates the fact that cosmetic plastic surgery has become part of mainstream American life," said ASPS president Dr. Richard D'Amico. ... Pay-Per-View - New York Post - ProQuest Archiver

… ethics of first face transplant - They say plastic surgery wouldn't...   -  Dec 3, 2005
They say plastic surgery wouldn't have repaired the horrific damage the patient incurred from a dog attack. French physicians on Friday defended their ... $2.75 - Minneapolis Star-Tribune - NewsBank

'Plastic Disasters,' a Documentary on Cosmetic Surgery, Has Its...   -  Jun 5, 2006
Each is presented as a plastic surgery victim possessed of a heroic survival story. And that is what the filmmakers boil it down to: superficial survival ... New York Times

Bank offers plastic surgery loans   -  Apr 20, 2007
BEIRUT (Reuters) - A Lebanese bank is offering loans to finance plastic surgery to meet growing demand from people seeking to improve their looks. ... Reuters

Facelifts for women and breast reduction for men as plastic surgery...   -  Feb 4, 2008
By Karin Goodwin. RECORD numbers of people across the UK are going under the knife, according to new figures which show a large increase in plastic-surgery ... Scotsman

Ageing men turn to plastic surgery   -  Jul 16, 2007
The number of middle-aged men undergoing cosmetic surgery has more than doubled in just five years as they struggle to come to terms with "menopaunch", ...

Plastic Surgery: You Can't Fool Mother Nature   -  Jan 18, 2007
By Dr. Manny Alvarez. AP. Perception and aging have always traveled together, hand in hand. But aging isn't only about crow's-feet around the eyes, ... FOXNews

Q: Who Is the Real Face of Plastic Surgery?   -  Aug 16, 2007
By NATASHA SINGER. When Sandra Cornier, a mother of two from Brooklyn, looked at a recent photo of herself taken at Manhattan Beach, NY, she didn't like ... New York Times

'Hills' Heidi: Plastic surgery was not revenge   -  Sep 27, 2007
LOS ANGELES - Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but the feud between “The Hills�? stars Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad remains red hot. ...

Ten Plastic Surgery Risks You Need To Know   -  Oct 10, 2007
Need proof? Demand for cosmetic plastic surgery continues to increase. Americans spent $11.5 billion for 11 million cosmetic procedures in 2006--a 48% ... Forbes

Florida Teen Dies After Complications During Breast Surgery   -  Mar 25, 2008
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that between 2002 ... "I've seen an increase in teens having plastic surgery, and certainly for ... ABC News

One cut ahead in plastic surgery   -  Nov 18, 2008
Cosmetic make-overs are often seen as a way to get a better job, earn more money, or even be more eligible for marriage. But one person in China has taken ... 央视国际

Plastic Surgery Below the Belt   -  Nov 19, 2008
By Laura Fitzpatrick Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008. On the youth sex-education website, dozens of teenage girls can be found commiserating about ... TIME

West's doctor: Surgery not to blame for death   -  Nov 15, 2007
The Discovery Health cable network pulled West's series "Plastic Surgery: Before and After" from its lineup scheduled for this week, said network spokesman ... Hollywood Reporter

Plastic surgery rise for City men   -  Nov 7, 2005
There has been a big rise in men working in the City of London taking up plastic surgery, it has been claimed. The Harley Medical Group says booking from ... BBC News

Nicolas Sarkozy inspires plastic surgery boom   -  Apr 11, 2008
By Laura Clout. Growing numbers of middle-aged men embarking on second marriages are trying to turn the clock back with plastic surgery, experts claim. ...

Sly Stallone's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen has plastic surgery live on tv   -  Jul 9, 2008
By Rupert Neate. Over two million viewers watched the first episode of a series which will see the 44-year-old film star undergo head-to-toe surgery. ...

Skin Deep - Skin Deep-Breat Implants-Plastic Surgery -   -  Jan 17, 2008
Doctors nationwide performed about 329000 breast augmentations in 2006, up from about 291000 in 2005, according to a survey of doctors from the American ... New York Times

Plastic surgery: the new addiction   -  Sep 17, 2006
PLASTIC surgeons are to be issued with a checklist to weed out the increasing number of patients who are becoming “addicted�? to cosmetic surgery to improve ... Times Online

'Reality' TV leaves out reality of plastic surgery   -  Aug 1, 2007
By Steve Adubato. A new study finds that 79 percent of patients who underwent plastic surgery were influenced by television and media. Think about it. ...

'Mommy makeover' rush for plastic surgery   -  Dec 2, 2007
New mothers desperate to regain their figures are opting for plastic surgery in the weeks and months after childbirth. Tim Shipman in Washington and Laura ...

On TV, plastic surgery shows its best face; But some doctors fear...   -  Nov 23, 2007
The explosion of reality TV shows in the past four years has upset that equation -- especially in Los Angeles and especially in the ultra-competitive field ... Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver

Scarlett Johansson: 'I have NOT had plastic surgery'   -  Dec 5, 2007
By NATALIE TROMBETTA. Scarlett Johansson has angrily hit back at reports she's the latest Hollywood starlet to go under the surgeon's knife. ... Daily Mail

Kids' Book on Plastic Surgery -   -  May 23, 2008
Despite the marketing nickname "mommy makeover," which can sound like a trip to a day spa, these are serious surgeries with potential complications that can ... Newsweek

The democratization of plastic surgery   -  Aug 17, 2007
By Natasha Singer. When Sandra Cornier, a mother of two from Brooklyn, New York, looked at a recent photo of herself taken at the beach, she was not pleased ... New York Times

Plastic surgery for bullied girls   -  Aug 28, 2008
A plastic surgeon reshaped the nose of a 14-year-old girl who was being bullied and gave breast implants to other girls who had been teased about their ... Times Online

New advances in plastic surgery can have a profound effect on a...   -  Nov 3, 2008
Sixty-five years ago badly burnt RAF aircrew and soldiers prayed that they would be taken to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. ... Times Online

Tighter plastic surgery rules sought; Lawmakers want increased...   -  May 26, 2008
Tighter plastic surgery rules sought; Lawmakers want increased oversight of doctors performing cosmetic procedures in outpatient facilities. ... Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver

After plastic surgeries, more do an about-face   -  Jan 21, 2008
As plastic surgery has become increasingly common in America -- some 16 million ... Singer Julio Iglesias went public last year about plastic surgery on his ... Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver

Griffin vows: No more plastic surgery   -  Jul 31, 2008
LOS ANGELES, July 31 (UPI) -- US comedienne and TV personality Kathy Griffin says she has no intention of having more plastic surgery. ... United Press International

Man gives wife plastic surgery for women´s day   -  Mar 8, 2007
Zhang Jun gives his wife a plastic surgery plan for Women's Day from a plastic surgery agency in Chongqing. [Photo:] ... 央视国际

Full-face transplant gets go-ahead   -  Oct 26, 2006
Plastic surgery has nothing further to offer them. "In other words, surgeons cannot work on them any more. They may have problems with eyelid and mouth ...

Plastic Surgery TV May Sway Patients   -  Jul 25, 2007
By Miranda Hitti. July 25, 2007 -- Plastic surgery reality TV shows may affect people who are considering getting cosmetic surgery for the first time, ... WebMD

Article: Plastic Surgery's Allure Cuts Both Ways - The Washington...   -  Nov 18, 2007
Article: Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City's Extended ... ... NOVA), the Plastic Surgery Company is focusing solely on cosmetic surgery procedures ... Pay-Per-View - Washington Post - HighBeam Research

Plastic surgery as a prize creates deep worry lines.   -  Dec 30, 2005
As a special holiday-season promotion, the first 200 people who lined up outside the trendy Chicago nightclub Reserve on a recent frigid weeknight received ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

Is plastic surgery better when a woman wields the knife?   -  Feb 17, 2006
Vogue shows us the kinder, gentler side of cosmetic surgery. Which is to say, cosmetic surgery performed by a woman. Feb. 17, 2006 | Usually, looking to a ... Salon

Plastic surgery boom for the affluent over-50s   -  Jan 7, 2008
By Aislinn Simpson. With the over-50s living life to the full and surfing a wave of property wealth, it may come as little surprise that more are open to ...

… New Migraine Treatment Promises Relief . . . via Plastic Surgery   -  Mar 8, 2005
..."It's too early to call it a cure," said Guyuron, a clinical professor of plastic surgery at Case Western Reserve University, who is following patients to ... Washington Post

Public's spending on plastic surgery soars   -  Jul 13, 2006
THE burning desire to look good at all costs means consumers are expected to spend more money on cosmetic surgery than cups of tea by the end of next year. ... WalesOnline

Your view: Plastic surgery   -  Jan 24, 2005
Plastic surgery operations in Britain rose by a dramatic 65 per cent last year, suggesting that procedures to change or improve appearance are no longer ...

'Master cell' implants to aid plastic surgery   -  Feb 18, 2005
By Nic Fleming, Science Correspondent. Natural implants created from a patient's own "building block" cells could radically improve operations for soft ...

Body Contouring Procedures May Offer Less Invasive Plastic Surgery …   -  Apr 21, 2006
But buyer beware, say plastic surgeons at the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in Orlando, Fla. ... FOXNews

Employers pitch in for plastic surgery: More businesses adopt...   -  Sep 5, 2006
Sep. 5--More than a million Americans a year have surgery to lift their faces, fix their noses, tighten their tummies, suck out unwanted fat or improve ... Free with registration - Chicago Tribune -

WHERE WE LIVE; Cosmetic Surgery Central   -  Apr 3, 2005
In 1999, Dr. Gold left the plastic surgery group he was managing in Garden City and ... According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ... New York Times

Judge Throws Wrinkle Into Plastic Surgery Trademark Claim   -  May 5, 2008
By David Kravets. A Michigan judge is dismissing a lawsuit brought by a plastic surgery firm against a web site that posted its readers' critical reviews of ... Wired News

Victim of first acid-throwing case receives plastic surgery   -  Feb 4, 2005
SHANGHAI, Feb. 4 (Xinhuanet) -- Lin Lin, the victim in China's first recorded case of acid-throwing, received plastic surgery in Shanghai earlier this week ... 新�?�网

In Pictures: Ten Plastic Surgery Risks You Need To Know   -  Oct 9, 2007
Necrosis, or tissue death from surgical manipulation, is inevitable with any procedure. Choose a skilled surgeon with experience and knowledge of the blood ... Forbes

Employers pitch in for plastic surgery: More businesses adopt...   -  Sep 5, 2006
Employers pitch in for plastic surgery: More businesses adopt policies that allow days off for recovery. ... find Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) articles. Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - HighBeam Research

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